Bitterpill Art

I make feminist greeting cards and weird jewelry.

You can shop for the items below here:

worth not determined 2016

qualify as human 2016

gratitude and namaste 2016

fuck their misogony 2016

bound in moons 2016

you are not alone 2016 no place like home 2016 my heart cannot define 2016


 Here is a preview of how you can accessorize the zombie apocalypse:

Divination Zombie ToesRune Stones

Divination Zombie Toes
Rune Stones

Toes on Film
Game of Death Toe

Zombie toes in the making…
There’s evil on my hands

El Rey Pulpo"Caffeina's Delight"

El Rey Pulpo
“Caffeina’s Delight”

El Rey Pulpo"The Abominable Cupcake Monster"

El Rey Pulpo
“The Abominable Cupcake Monster”

5 Responses to Bitterpill Art

  1. artisticmilestone says:

    Creative. Are these made of clay?

  2. Salvation at last!

    So the dollar I paid to the guy at the side of the road collecting for fuel for a 12 21 21 rocket blast off (he reserved me a spot) will no longer be necessary!

    totally epic amulets!

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