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Ghetto Gourmet: Failed Gourmet

Well, this isĀ embarrassing. I totally did not gourmet. I don’t even think I managed to ghetto. Basically, I made a great big cheeseburger, put it on toast, and smothered that shit with ketchup. Then after the cheesy meat fest, I … Continue reading

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The age old debate

Pie vs. Cake I have always claimed to be team pie. Pie is filled with delicious fruits or pudding. Pie is like a heaven sandwich with awesome inside. My favorite pies tend to be banana cream and apple. But I … Continue reading

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Food Sex With Donuts

  I went out on the town for a ladies night with some of my best friends. We had the most delicious dinner and conversation. Dinner was at one of my favorite local restaraunts. I ordered the stromboli. Then I … Continue reading

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