About The Fuzzy Lizzard

As a child Amy Moloney wanted to be three things: a writer, a healer, and captain of an intergalactic time-travelling spaceship. Then she grew up and forgot about her dreams. That was until the dreams remembered her.

After doing a lot of ungrowing up, she became a nurse, a writer, and a woman not afraid to reinvent herself daily. Sometimes inventing herself as a functional member of polite society, but not often. Having lived in Northern Kentucky and now Austin, Amy gleans inspiration from the carnival-like atmosphere of her favorite little towns.

The stories Amy writes are typically filled with the paranormal, magic, and misadventures. Never a slave to rules or labels, Amy writes from the same pure imagination and heart that she uses to live out her own fantasy life.

“Embrace the weird before the weird embraces you, with giant teeth.”  -Amy Moloney

I am an Alzheimer’s nurse, writer, artist, tea witch, weirdo, geek, optimist, coffee enthusiast, retired rollergirl, unicorn, music & movie junkie.

I totally love Frank Zappa on an obsessive level. I’m a totally freak’d out David Bowie fanatic. Although my music junkiedom takes me on an eclectic journey through the infinite sounds of the universe. It isn’t unusual to find me listening to Native American flute music followed by a long dive into the music of Patsy Cline and Gram Parsons. I love music. As my Grand Wazoo says, “Music is the best.”

I have a multitude of obsessions interests including: badly dubbed kung fu movies, talented & creative people making awesome things from their unique brain powers that I am totally jealous of (working on my Talent Plunder Ray [TPR] so that I can harness their awesomeness for myself),  making weird shit out of clay that looks like zombie parts and/or mutant octopi so that I can give that shit to big shot movie/music guys as gifts, building a secret lair as a feared super villain who wants to take over the world using robotic Joan Jett minions, dance battling my way out of awkward & possibly deadly situations involving my honor and/or wanting to steal your sandwich, singing Elvis songs to unsuspecting street thugs to deter them from wanting to murder me or sell me drugs, saying the word fuck at inappropriate times followed by comments about my vagina (Mostly only when I’m nervous and trying to impress someone. You’re impressed now, I can tell), and anything Doctor Who related because I’m a big sci-fi nerd. I also adhere to the code of WWDD. (What would Data do?)

Periodically, I have an obsession with reading stories about climbing mountains. I basically have an obsession with reading.

I live my life as a long string of obsessions and passions.

At one time I was a professional psychic, but I got better. And sometimes I’m imaginary.

If you can handle an eclectic humanoid with an imagination and the attention span as long as a music video, stick around, I may entertain you with some crazy shit that may or may not have happened in real life.

Sometimes I write short stories. Once in a while I finish them. And if the mood hits, I read them in public. But mostly I write things akin to Vogon poetry.

Austin, I have landed.

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