How I spent Robby Benson Day

Did you motherfuckers know that Dec. 3rd was Robby Benson Day?

I declared it as such earlier today.

This is your lucky day. I am going to give you insight on how I spend my day on Facebook.  Don’t worry you won’t have to actually read that much. It will be in picture form. With really bad censoring of names and faces.

This was how it all began.

1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 40735 PM.bmp


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 40747 PM.bmp


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 40843 PM.bmp

1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 40931 PM.bmp


Short shorts and nipples. I think I may build a time machine.


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 35351 PM.bmp


We embraced our collective debauchery.


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 34045 PM.bmp


This is where I declared today Robby Benson Day. To my horror, other people did not know who Robby Benson is. What the fuckity fuck, people?

If you haven’t seen Ice Castles or Ode to Billy Joe I don’t want to know you.


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 33812 PM


We then found out he was trying to reach us too. Just to tell us he was madly in love with how awesome we are.


1-Fullscreen capture 1232012 35236 PM.bmp


Now you know that my friends and I have a serious thing for guys named Robby who were adorable in the 70’s, and wore cut off short shorts. It also helps that they have delightfully perfect nipples. And play guitar.

Swoon… those eyes, that smile, nipples

rob benson


And this is what that sexy motherfucker looks like now…


Have I mentioned his nipples?


About Amy Moloney

I have many interests. It's hard to describe me in words, so I try interpretive dance whenever applicable. Sometimes I'm imaginary.
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One Response to How I spent Robby Benson Day

  1. artisticmilestone says:

    you have funny post! Robby’s cute, I love the theme song of the Ice castle too 🙂

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