Dreamscapes: Bruce Lee’s Grave Guardian

bruce lee kicks assI had the most vivid dream yesterday. It was about Bruce Lee. Which isn’t strange considering my obsession with all things kung fu. After all, my rollergirl persona was Loose Lee. Bruce Lee has been an influence in my life for a very long time. In some respects, he is one of my spirit guides. Even Little E recognizes him as such.

The hardest part of the day though, was deciding which Bruce Lee movie to watch while writing my dream. Yes, I do keep a dream journal just for these types of dreams.

Because I couldn’t decide which DVD to put in, I ended up watching a marathon of Murder She Wrote instead. That is probably for the best, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on writing this if Bruce was on the television. And Jessica Fletcher is very inspirational even if I never want to be her friend.

Here was the dream:

Bruce-Lee-quotes-about-lifeI can’t quite recall how it began. I was keeping vigil over Bruce Lee’s grave. The grave was set up as a monument, with a stone structure beside the grave, and a blanket of yellow chrysanthemums covered the ground over the grave. Laying on top of the grave was a paper-mache statue Bruce Lee. I sat in the grass in front of the grave and kept watch over him. Periodically I would lean back and lay with the paper-mache Bruce and talk to him. Then I took a picture of us laying in the yellow flowers.

It was on a steep hillside. There were families having picnics nearby on the hillside. I was asked by one of the women on the hillside to refrain from offering her children any of my water. I nodded and agreed to only give drinks of water to those stopping by to pay their respects to Bruce.

bruce-lee-graveAt sunset a tall, thin man with red hair stopped by and began to perform a kata. When he finished I asked him to help me close the grave for the day. We picked up the paper Bruce and placed him inside a drawer inside the stone monument, then rolled up the blanket of yellow flowers and put it on top of paper Bruce.

We both heard a voice say, “May what we’ve learned today be the action we take tomorrow.”

I stood at the edge of the grave and looked over the hill to see a city skyline beginning to light the twilight sky.

Then said to myself, “That city is where I am going to come alive. Bruce, you’ll be fine here without me. I have a new life to find.”

When I woke up from the dream, I could smell flowers in my bedroom. It was a multi-sensory dream experience. And I still feel the same sense of vigilant calm that I had while sitting guard over Bruce Lee’s grave. Now to decipher the hidden and not hidden messages within this dream.

Toes on FilmGame of Death Toe

Toes on Film
Game of Death Toe

I am now inspired to create a Bruce Lee Pulpo. If you remember, I do already have the Game of Death Zombie Toe in the Toes on Film series.


About Amy Moloney

I have many interests. It's hard to describe me in words, so I try interpretive dance whenever applicable. Sometimes I'm imaginary.
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