El Rey Network & the Circle of Art

Short divergence from terrible poetry and flying saucers to answer some FAQ’s.

Seriously Amy, WTF?

The questions I keep getting as I post all of my sweet little El Rey Pulpo’s are these: Why do you keep tagging El Rey Network in all of your posts? What do mutant, but awesomely adorable, octopi have to do with this El Rey Network? What the hell is El Rey Network? Well… It all started inadvertently with a zombie toe. As Bob Ross would say, it was a happy accident.

tumblr_lzrbbn318a1r1767oMy creation of El Rey Pulpo is a prime example of artist inspiring artist, art inspiring art. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the El Rey Network soon after its inception. Well, a few months after. The creating of El Rey Pulpo was inspired by the drive to release my inner creativity. Which had already been amped up prior to hearing him discuss the network. I had been making Octopus Muses for a while. It was the logo that inspired me to start adding the crowns to them. And as the little El Rey evolved, so did the concept of what they meant to me, and possibly to their namesake. Obviously they are working because people are asking what the network is and it hasn’t even been launched yet.

Like all fairy tales, it all started with giving a guy a severed toe in a box.

I happened upon Robert Rodriguez through a friend who is a fan and student of his methods. My ignorance of his influence in film, art, and the creative process led me down the rabbit hole of discovering the depths of creativity within myself. I had fallen into this rabbit hole without realizing that I had left the concept of ‘impossible’ behind. Suddenly all of my artistic endeavors seemed not only possible, but absolutely achievable in reality. Mr. Rodriguez may be my White Rabbit or even my mischievous Cheshire Cat. And I enthusiastically keep eating the magic cakes, drinking the potions of possibility. None of this would’ve happened if I had not given him a zombie toe.

I still don’t know what the hell are you talking about Amy.

The El Rey Network is a fledgling television network. And as anyone who knows me, knows I am a product of television. I am still an avid television watcher. I don’t mean this in a bad way. Television has helped mold and shape how I see the world. It was fairly limited when I was a child. There were basically three big networks and PBS to choose from. A bit later in my adolescence cable-television was finally available to the masses. Like other lower-middle-class American families, my living room was transformed from Sesame Street into a living movie theater. I can still remember the very first movie I watched on cable.

Then I discovered the true joys of cable, MTV. As part of the original MTV generation (You know, back in the day when there was music on MTV.), the entire neuro-synaptic network of my brain is rewired into 4 minute intervals containing choreographed song and dance numbers. If you ever get lost inside my head, it’s a good bet that all you need to do is wait for the next song to find your way back out. At least that’s what I do when I get lost in there.

Even polar bears know what this is...

Even polar bears know what this is…

Television is as vital a social tool as preschool is for your toddler. I admit it can also be a dangerous tool of propaganda and targeted information aimed to confuse and placate the masses. But to dismiss its influence on our society based on corporate agenda is foolish. For generations the majority of the world has been influenced by the images and humor from their televisions sets. Think about it, Scooby Doo is recognized on every continent. I bet even polar bears know who Scooby Doo is. That is the power of television.

One of the significant concepts that has drawn me to El Rey is that it promises to encourage innovation and independence in creativity. I look forward to a new platform for independent thinking and doing.

I am an idea person. My mind is running constantly with streams of ideas, some absolutely new and fresh, others are just my own personal spin on existing ideas. I have a sincere desire to contribute this train of creativity to a venue I believe will benefit society at large. Whether that is as a part of the actual network or just making funny little clay pulpos to help get the word out, I am excited to play a bit part.

Who knows what the future holds for me creatively. My career background does not include art or writing, but that doesn’t mean that my future must remain along the same mundane path. I want to unleash my creativity, like being born again as the true innovation warrior I was meant to be. (See what I did there, I just shifted the whole Reanimating the Warrior Goddess series to my current state of animation.)

El Rey PulpoPulpo Cake"Neptune"

El Rey Pulpo
Pulpo Cake

I’m not trying to put words in the mouths of the execs of this new network, they are working hard on creating a plan of action to get the word out, I’m sure. Most of what I sense about this is complete intuition based on a speech given months ago. But I am still inspired to add my flavor, no matter how small. El Rey Pulpo has managed to become a force all its own.

El Rey Pulpo is ever evolving and will soon be ready for world domination.


sevenofnine2_thumbAs our society and humanity evolves we are becoming more connected. This is why I’ve embraced social networking so enthusiastically. We may not be ready as a species to realize our telepathic evolution yet, but we’re a step closer with such profound interconnectivity. Not that we have become a hive mind or the Borg, but we have established a collective consciousness in real time. Our ability to instantly communicate has created a community that spans the entire planet. Or as I like to think of it, we are finally living Star Trek. Not only has it opened my gates of creativity, but also the gateway to inspire others. Yes, we’re also more open to criticism and general bullshit. But from those naysayers and hecklers we grow stronger by not allowing the negativity to drive our art. Our art drives us.

This networking has allowed me to see who I truly am, what I want, and how possible it is to see it all come to fruition. This is part of the energy I sense around The El Rey Network. I want to be involved with that kind of positive atmosphere. An atmosphere that fosters innovation, independent creativity, and connects us all to the creators. I want to inspire others the way I was accidentally inspired by catching a speech about the launch of El Rey.

This could be a way for us (collectively) to show the world that as new generations take the reins of what we see on our television screens doesn’t have to be rehashing of old ideas, the distorting of events that contradict corporate agenda. We have an original avenue to prove that the young generations are not losing their sense of community by communicating via the internet, smartphones, Facebook, twitter, and television.

We are now more connected than ever. And we are seeing these changes effect the world in profound ways. I am at that age where it would be easy to dismiss the youth with a good “when I was your age, I was the remote control” story. Instead, I choose to elevate the young minds to the greatness they hold within. And I also choose to be one of them despite my being 20 years older.

Although, it has been stated that there will be a very adrenaline, testosterone, masculine driven programming I feel deep inside that a greater good, not just entertainment, is going to come from this that new network. I am ecstatic to be a part of it, even if on the periphery by creating strange artwork that honors that energy.

You aren’t Latino, Amy. Why are you interested in a Latino Network?

I know some of the messages I got were in reference to my cultural background. Yes, you are correct, I’m an Irish-German-Cherokee-American. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? There was a time in America that my Irish ancestors were considered uninvited illegal aliens. There was a time in America where my Cherokee ancestors were considered savages, unworthy of the land they had lived on for centuries. Not too long ago my German ancestors would have been accused of horrible things based solely upon one man’s actions in their homeland. The point is, we are all humans. Our species has been repeating this cycle of intolerance since the beginnings of civilization. We are just caught in the current phase of the cycle. If this network brings an understanding of cultural differences, and more importantly, cultural similarities, then that is something worth opening my heart and mind.

0We should all celebrate the birth of this new media entity with the mutant octopus king, El Rey Pulpo, as an opportunity to connect our minds, our souls, and reach out with our wild tentacles to embrace each other in a big fuzzy octo-hug.

If you have a bunch of time, here is a speech where Robert Rodriguez announces the birth of El Rey Network.

Thank you for taking interest in the things that make me tick, my beauties. And remember: I’m just one good fart joke away from total world domination.

Santa Pulpo likes it when you’re naughty…

El Rey Pulpo"Santa Pulpo"

El Rey Pulpo
“Santa Pulpo”

My gift to you:  This song is about TV.


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