You make me feel special

I have reached 1,000 followers, which calls for a great big Fuzzy hug of celebration. Followed by freaky astral group sex.

Here is an image that conveys exactly how I feel about all of my beautiful followers. We will wander, lost together, through this internet jungle. And delight in our collective bad movie references.


The Fuzzy Lizzard loves you. Always.


About Amy Moloney

I have many interests. It's hard to describe me in words, so I try interpretive dance whenever applicable. Sometimes I'm imaginary.
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3 Responses to You make me feel special

  1. Yma says:

    YAY!!!! Awesome on 1000 readers… AND the fact that Pygar is on your blog. I needs me a homo-erotic angel to “save me”… yeah, that’s what I want him to do…

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