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The story of the apples and the bees.

It feels like a long time since I’ve written a candid blog post about the life and times of Little Miss Fuzzy Lizzard. So here is a snippet of my life. There are things I have mentioned but haven’t really … Continue reading

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A Woman Without Heat

A Woman Without Heat By Amy Moloney   A woman survives without heat Upon smiles that raise the sea Held tight, secrets, inside and out Carrying the seeds of bitter doubt She flows with quiet yet clumsy grace Pain never … Continue reading

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A short divergence from fantasy to focus on being a woman in 2012.

I don’t often voice my political views in public forums. Sometimes I repost funny memes about the ridiculous nature of the political landscape. But as I continue to scroll through my social networks the desire to speak gets more and … Continue reading

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Short Story: Viking Ship

Viking Ship Agents Of Asgard Episode 1 By Amy Moloney Maxwell sat on his favorite chair staring at the computer screen. It just stared back at him, blank. He wanted to write it all down, to broadcast it to the … Continue reading

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Short Story: Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake By Amy Moloney   She floated into the room, an apparition, holding a delicate china plate. Her soft voice rang in my ears with a sing-song lullaby.   “Please dear, try some lemon cake. It will soothe the … Continue reading

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Onslow the Occult Octopus: How the creative process is like drowning a fish.

As most know already I am one of those creative types. I’m a writer, occasional artist, a nonsensical idea machine, crafter of weird shit, and half-assed do it yourselfer. You know this because I go on about it until you … Continue reading

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