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Things I write when I’m drunk and find when I’m sober

It is quite revealing when you write little blurbs in your google documents whilst in the grips of an alcohol induced and self reflecting stupor. Here are some of the things I wrote after finishing off a bottle of Sailor … Continue reading

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So in a few short months I turn 37. Seems like an innocuous number to most. But for some reason this number is hurtling at me like a meteor from space. It has been suffocating me in my sleep and haunting me … Continue reading

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This is how Thanksgiving rolls in my hood…

Be jealous.

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Kitchen Witchery: Homemade pore mask experiment.

Tonight I tried this facial recipe I found online to mimick the effects of those expensive pore strips. It works terrifically for exfoliating. But it is a bit difficult to apply. As usual the herbalist in me had to tweek … Continue reading

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The Goldfish Are Coming And They’re Bringing Coconuts

Old new age girls shouldn’t be left unsupervised with their thoughts… If The Secret really works, I’m in trouble. Because I’d probably have been accidentally killed by my time traveling Scottish warrior during a weird sex act involving his claymore … Continue reading

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