El Rey Pulpo & Zombie Toes

I make weird jewelry

Fuzzy Lizzard Jewels of the apocalypse

Each piece is hand sculpted and unique. They all come with a story of how to best use the magic contained within.

Be the envy of every unprepared dumbass trying to outrun the undead hoards.

Kill a zombie and look fabulous doing it.

Weapons of Mass Salvation on Etsy

 Here is a preview of how you can accessorize the zombie apocalypse:

Divination Zombie ToesRune Stones

Divination Zombie Toes
Rune Stones

Toe of Zombie -when casting spells calls for more than just an ordinary piece of the undead

Toes on Film
The Nihlist Toe

Toes on Film
Game of Death Toe

Zombie toes in the making…
There’s evil on my hands

Disco Party Cthulhu -the undead party chaos deity

Medusa’s Bellybutton: Some magic requires monstrous ingredients, this is for when only the navel of Gorgon will do.

The Fear Eater -sucking the fear out of your next adventure into the unknown

El Rey Pulpo about town

Startdust Cthulhu likes to hang around the neck of Lady Grinning Soul

The Greens & The Greys
Sebastian Green

El Rey Pulpo
The Frog Prince

El Rey Pulpo"Caffeina's Delight"

El Rey Pulpo
“Caffeina’s Delight”

El Rey Pulpo that ate Santa

El Rey Pulpo that ate Santa

El Rey Pulpo"The Abominable Cupcake Monster"

El Rey Pulpo
“The Abominable Cupcake Monster”

El Rey PulpoMachete Takes The Pie

El Rey Pulpo
Machete Takes The Pie

El Rey Vikingo Pulpo"Warrior"

El Rey Vikingo Pulpo

El Rey Pulpo make it so 007

El Rey Pulpo Nerdfirmations

5 Responses to El Rey Pulpo & Zombie Toes

  1. artisticmilestone says:

    Creative. Are these made of clay?

  2. Salvation at last!

    So the dollar I paid to the guy at the side of the road collecting for fuel for a 12 21 21 rocket blast off (he reserved me a spot) will no longer be necessary!

    totally epic amulets!

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