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It’s here.

Hello beautifuls, It has been a while since I’ve posted. There is a great reason. I have been working on my Alzheimer’s book Every Minute is a New Day. And the Kickstarter is now live and ready to support. Please … Continue reading

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Do Not Squander Your Madness On Petty Things Like Reality: The Smile Challenge

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” -Robin Williams What is life without a little madness? What is there to take so seriously that we lose our sense of curiosity and wonder? Life has been a … Continue reading

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School of Rock: The Dementia Review

Let me start with the disclaimer that I have worked nearly 130 hours in the past two weeks. Then I spent my one night off celebrating the 10 year anniversary of School of Rock with the cast of the movie. … Continue reading

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El Rey Pulpo Quotes Nurse Bitterpill

Here is the latest doodles of El Rey Pulpo. He and Nurse Bitterpill had some fun while the power was out on the Alzheimer’s unit.    

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Nurse Bitterpill: Every minute is a new day

I’ve been neglecting Nurse Bitterpill lately. Not exactly on purpose. I’ve just been so busy with everything going on in my world that I just haven’t gotten around to updating her blog. The other night at work, I had one … Continue reading

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Growing stronger with Gene Kelly movies & the zombie investment plan

I woke up crying again today. Not tears of fear or tears of  sadness, they were tears of absolute awe of what life has to offer. My tears were the overflow of emotion from knowing that I am about take … Continue reading

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